Landscaping in Los Angeles

When purchasing a new home or location for a business, it is essentially a blank canvas where the only limitations are time, money, and creativity to transform it into a beautiful, comfortable (or profitable) work of art. This not only applies to the inside, but the outside as well. Just as you want your guests (or customers) to be awed by the interior of your home or business, you want them to stop and gawk at the outside. Not only that, but we can imagine that one would want to keep up with their neighbors (or competitors) by ensuring that they meet the standards of having an aesthetically pleasing house in the neighborhood.

However, there is more to it than just that. As homeowners (and business owners), one has to take care of all aspects of their home or business, whether it is repairing a broken sink, keeping your front lawn healthy and free of weeds, fixing a damaged roof, or trimming an overgrown tree or line of bushes. At Fernando Landscaping, we do our best to keep Los Angeles residents looking spiffy with a variety of landscaping services including tree trimming, sprinkler installation, yard cleanup, drought tolerant landscaping, and concrete contracting. Not only does landscaping keep up in line with the numerous celebrities that live in and around California but it also prevents the many fires that can spring up during the dry season (just to name a few good reasons).

Tree Trimming Services

Face it. Trees, among other types of vegetation, play a vital role in our environment. They provide us with shade, precious oxygen, and are home to many insects and animals –– let’s not forget that some produce delicious fruit too. So, it only makes sense that only the most qualified professionals should be given the task of taking care of tree trimming. Not only do trees need to be regularly trimmed for their own health, but it also benefits the look and feel of your home and the safety of everyone inside since branches can easily fall on people.

Tree trimming should be on any homeowner, or business owners, checklist. Tree trimming in Los Angeles not only keeps the trees healthy but keeps your home looking great which can be a big confidence booster. Tree trimming has these benefits:

  • Ensures that the trees continue to produce fruit
  • Trees stay healthy and continue to grow
  • Improves the look of the yard and rest of the house
  • Removes dead branches that could injure others

Any number of circumstances can befall our neighborhood trees, like strong winds, lightning, and insects. When we are certain that our trees have reached the end of their life, that is when it is time to remove them. Removing trees can:

  • Prevent disease from spreading to other trees or plants
  • Raise your home’s value and make it look more appealing
  • Prevent injury from fallen branches
  • Prevent pests from moving into your yard

Keep in mind that trees have to be removed in accordance with California law, so that’s definitely something to keep in mind prior to calling in the experts.

California Sprinkler Installation Services

Having a sprinkler system installed, especially in California, is a must-have for any homeowner — particularly in preparation for the dry season. Having a sprinkler installation in Los Angeles will not only take out the guesswork of having to water your lawn regularly but will keep it looking healthy as well –– a perfect environment for any welcome critters in your lawn.

According to Cal Fire, in 2018, there was a combined YTD of 7,571 fires and 1,671,203 acres burned. That is considerably higher than the five year interval also recorded by Cal Fire. Hence, the emphasized importance of having a sprinkler system installed on our lawns. That way we are always prepared, even when we get busy with life and forget to water our lawns. The last thing any homeowner or business owner wants is to come home to bunch of fire engines on their property putting out a fire that might also spread to other homes or businesses.

Yard Cleanup Services

No matter what season it is, we are bound to have a bunch of messes in our yards that need to be attended to and maybe we don’t have the time to do it. Thankfully, you have us to take care of it for you. When you have family trips, business trips, and travel plans made, we can do it all so you can spend more time enjoying life.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to making lawns look their absolute best. Just to give you a small idea of what can be expected from yard cleanup in Los Angeles, we:

  • Reseed areas of your lawn that need attention
  • Prune and trim trees and shrubs
  • Clean and re-edge flower beds and gardens
  • Haul away debris and compost it
  • Mow your grass
  • Remove leaves, clutter, and branches

Los Angeles Drought Tolerant Landscaping Services

Many states around the country, including our very own California, have to deal with periodic droughts throughout the year –– so water consciousness is something that one would have to exercise especially when it concerns the yard. Thankfully, we’ve got everyone covered with our drought tolerant landscaping in Los Angeles. Essentially, we transform your garden from a water-loving paradise to something that not only looks beautiful, but requires very little water to maintain.

California Concrete Contracting Services

While gardens, green lawns, and freshly trimmed trees can make a yard look great, you can’t forget about sidewalks, driveways, steps, and assorted decor. It really does add to the aesthetics of any landscape. Truly, your imagination is the limit (as well as a few ideas from Pinterest) to create the ideal look for your yard. You could put some stones around your trees, some stones around the outside of your home, or, even better, you could find a beautiful design to pave your walkway with. Just make sure that you go with a quality concrete contractor in Los Angeles.

Make Your Los Angeles Home or Business Stand Out With Fernando Landscaping

Many homeowners put a lot of time and effort into designing their homes from shopping for the right furniture, picking the right colors for rooms, and even installing tech to make living that much easier. But often, they will forget about their yards –– especially since this is the first thing that guests or customers will see before they even walk through the door. Naturally, you need to take care of it not only for others, but for your own benefit as well.

At Fernando Landscaping, we are friendly, professional, and reliable landscapers that have years of experience on the job, an eye for detail, and a creative capacity to captivate our clients’ visions of how they want their yards to look. If you can think it, we can do it.




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