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Fernando’s Complete Landscape & Hardscape has been reviewed as the best sprinkler installation Los Angeles has to offer! Whether you’re looking for design, installation or repairing of your existing system, we can handle it all! Making sure your sprinklers are working efficiently is key to ensuring that you hold your status of best-looking landscaping on the block!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Sprinkler Installation & Management

How fast can you install my sprinklers?

This depends on the scope of the job. Some sprinkler installs are quicker and others take a little more time. Give us a call to find out an exact timeframe for your specific job!

Can you design a complete sprinkler system?

Of course! We will work with you to design a sprinkler install that will adequately water your grass, flowers and plant beds in the most efficient way possible.

Repairing Your Sprinklers The Right Way

Finding Reliable Sprinkler Install Services

Sprinkler installation is a very handy and efficient way to keep your property looking its best. If you don’t have the opportunity to keep your yard properly watered you will find that this task is a great option. Sprinkler installation is not as simple as it appears to be. Professional sprinkler installations involve minimizing pressure loss, optimizing head coverage, and other tasks to maximize irrigation. Some have even discovered that professional sprinkler installation usually can keep the lawn green with a minimum amount of water.

Many people use automated irrigation systems to water their lawns. Also, many newly built residential properties and surrounding areas are irrigated using systems that have permanently installed sprinklers. Although these systems provide automated irrigation and minimal maintenance, routine repairs and maintenance are required to resolve component failure and damage.

Prompt repair of your sprinkler or irrigation system will help prevent damage to your landscaping and wasted water. By identifying and fixing the particular problem, professional technicians can prevent additional damaging effects. Regular inspection is an important part of maintaining a sprinkler or irrigation system.

For best results, consider choosing the most recommended drip irrigation service for this essential project. Another obvious benefit of choosing a reliable and reputable company for your drip irrigation or sprinkler system problems is that their techs will be able to advise you on how to keep your sprinkler system working efficiently.

There are many companies that offer sprinkler repair, large-scale irrigation system repair, and maintenance services. However, it is important to ensure that the professional or company you choose is not only experienced but also has an excellent reputation in the industry. You need to hire professionals that have the expertise and skills to handle jobs of different magnitudes while guaranteeing quality results.

Sprinkler systems employed and installed in home gardens will certainly require routine maintenance to be performed because they often get damaged or develop a few technical issues. This can sometimes be quite a task so it is in your best interest to look for an experienced professional that can determine the exact problem and address it with precision.

Sprinklers Clogged?

Depending on the motor type or sprinkler type included in the system, various kinds of jamming problems may develop in the irrigation unit. Dirt and debris will accumulate in the rotor of a sprinkler system, at the nozzles and spray channels which often block the usual and pressurized flow of water jets. No doubt, all these problems will hinder the task of watering plants requiring immediate attention. The experts will come and clear the blockage by pressure flossing of the jets and rotor so that they are again capable of performing as expected.

Over Spraying Problems

Waste of irrigation system and water resources can easily be managed if the sprinklers are directed towards the plants and herbs available in the garden. When the sprinklers and channels are not positioned in the desired direction or when their adjustment is changed; overspray is caused which allows more water to be sprinkled. The hired company will send a team of experts to inspect the real problem, and they will naturally try to change the physical orientation and positioning of the sprinkler system. Sprinkler system repair jobs require huge skills and brilliant expertise thus; it is better to contact the best and top rated company in your area.

Water Leakage in Sprinklers and Valves

In some cases, the sprinklers often get damaged due to misuse or mismanagement of the gardening equipment which could result in damaging the sprinkler system and water leaks. The choice of Sprinkler repair will address all the concerns mentioned above at affordable pricing.

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