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If you’re looking for a tree trimming service in Los Angeles, Ca. and you only want the best, then you need to consider Fernando’s Complete Landscape & Hardscape for your next tree job. With over 15 years of experience in the landscaping industry, we have a team that can get your trees looking in tip-top shape, at a reasonable cost to you.

Interested in finding out more? Simply give us a call today and we’ll be happy to give you more information and schedule an estimate to look at your specific tree service needs!

Frequently Asked Tree Trimming Questions

How much does tree service cost?

Prices vary depending on the type of tree, its location and size. We would never be able to give a definitive answer without you giving us a call and scheduling an estimate so we can look at your specific job and get you the best price possible!

Do you offer emergency tree service?

Yes! We are a full-service landscaping company, but if we can’t come out to service your trees, we will refer you to someone who can!

Do stumps need to be grinded down?

No, not at all. Sometimes people prefer stumps and even create chairs or other unique landscaping accents with them. While we believe it makes for a cleaner look if they are removed, it’s not necessary and is totally up to you on whether they stay or go.

Tree Care, Tree Pruning, and Tree Removal: What You Need To Know

Properties large or small; greenery enhances the appearance of any home. A beautiful garden with exquisite flowers and well-trimmed trees leave a good impression with the visitor and also increase the value of your location. A Garden looks great only if it has well-trimmed trees, so if you think it is easy to maintain a largely sized home thought and you will know the real truths behind the job.

It is a technical job which involves many different services, and tree trimming services are one of the tasks which need professional knowledge and expertise. Most of you may not be aware that the tree care industry provides a variety of services to keep a home’s tree population trimmed and looking their best. In fact, this is a very in-demand service in LA, and tree pruning is one of the most demanding services because it enhances the look of the landscape by addressing the architectural look of the tree by shape, structural integrity, and appearance.

Palm tree removal, tree disease diagnosis, emergency tree work and stump removal are some of the other tree trimming services offered by tree trimming experts across Los Angeles, Ca.

Fernando’s Landscape offers full-scale tree trimming to both private home owners and the corporate sectors.

We also have extensive experience in safe dismantling and removal of all types of trees which include dead and diseased trees and even those which need removing due to damage caused by any worms and insects.

We inform our clients of the potential safety hazards, and besides performing the tree trimming services, we even guide our customers and answer any questions related to the maintenance of their trees.

When looking for any tree care in Los Angeles, make sure that they are experienced and educated arborists, and they must have complete knowledge of modern equipment for the best results. For the clients located in the Los Angeles area, it is quite easy to find tree service companies in any major area. To know more about the company’s services and approach to their tree service work, do some research over the internet and find the business that performs your needed services.

Can You Trim Your Trees?

Some form of tree trimming equipment has become an essential need for individuals nowadays when some unsightly branches and limbs need cutting. Though small limbs and branches can be cut by yourself, anything bigger should be cut with the help of the best tree trimming service for the ideal shape and look of the trees. If you don’t have any clue about cutting or trimming your trees, then give us a call and don’t attempt it!

Winter and rainy seasons adversely affect the integrity of your trees, with particular parts of the tree branches falling off during heavy storms. These can potentially hit your vehicles, grounds, house or other valuable property. Electric lines are, undeniably, highly danger since tall ones could easily fall and also hit the posts. These are some reasons why you should think about calling Fernando’s Complete Landscape & Hardscape to trim the overgrown parts of the trees.

We use top-quality equipment to cut your trees and having them shaped correctly will enhance the overall, natural look of your landscape. Also, routine pruning will prevent unwanted growth from taking over your view and helps to strengthen the health of the trees by getting rid of their dead, unneeded branches.

Tree trimming is certainly not an easy job, and if you don’t know how to prune a tree correctly, it is advisable to give us a call and let one of our professional arborists take care of the job for you.

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